Bobcat T66


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**To hire operator for duration, Cost is $85 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours work.
Delivery charge of $85 is added to first hour of service.

Qualify people- DL and Credit Card must match
*A day is a 24 hour time span. Renter gets machine for 24 hours, i.e. Monday 9am – Tuesday 9am*
**W/end time frame is Friday 5pm to Monday 9am** 8 hours or 16 hours
***Each rental is time alloted for meters on machine. For any hour over time frame, renter
will be charged $25 per hour over alloted time.***
****A charge of $85 per hour will charged for any machine that is returned dirty and needs
cleaning by CTC staff****
Refuel or $4/gallon
SKID comes with free bucket
If using my trailer, will need a ball 2 5/16
If using your trailer, must have 7 lugs or more